Winery and project

The Nugareto Wines project stems from the awareness of the character expressed by the Emiliano Apennines and the culinary tradition that characterizes the territory of Bologna.
Our oenological project is the result of an area with a huge potential for viticulture and it evolves him in the creation of a historical bond with the city of Bologna, recalling those places and times when life was more genuine, natural and real in comparison to our days.
The scent of the woods and the buzzing atmosphere of the "colli bolognesi" hills blend with the vibrant soul of the city, in order to create Italian wines and organic wines of great structure, body and memory.

Qualche giorno fa a Nugareto. Ogni giorno nuove fioriture e nuovi profumi.

Drinking a glass of wine in little sips is the only way to be captured by the prevailing nature of these places and to be guided, through time, in the precious history of the City of Bologna.